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African Aviation Series
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01 AT-6 Harvard
02 The Eagles of Zwartkop
03 Canberra
04 Eye in the Sky
05 African Air Forces
06 Chopper Pilot
07 Passion for Flight
08 2 Squadron in Korea
09 Rhodesian Air Force
10 Serve to Save
11 Springbok Fighter Victory 1
12 The men who went to Warsaw
13 85 Years of the SAAF
14 Sweeping circles in the sky
15 Douglas C-47 Dakota in SAAF
16 Helicopters of the SAAF
17 17 Squadron
18 Zero Error Margin
20 Springbok Fighter Victory 2
22 Silver Falcons - 40 Years
23 Cheetah
24 Springbok Fighter Victory 3
25 Springbok Fighter Victory 4
26 Springbok Fighter Victory 5

African Aviation Series No. 13
85 Years of South African Air Force
Winston Brent
ISBN 0958438897



The author took on the onerous task of compiling in-depth details of the 8000-odd aircraft that have seen service in the South African Air Force between 1920 and 2005. He introduces them more or less in the order which they were taken into service and has listed serials, construction numbers, delivery dates and fates where known. In addition he has 32 pages of colour side drawings for the modeller, plenty of B & W photographs of each individual type and a Roll of Honour that covers 56 pages, with details of rank, initials, surname, aircraft type and serial, and squadron where known. For the first time he lists the details of RAF air crew that lost their lives in South Africa during WW2 while they were here for training. It is A4 with 445 pages. Hard and Soft cover copies were printed.