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African Aviation Series
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01 AT-6 Harvard
02 The Eagles of Zwartkop
03 Canberra
04 Eye in the Sky
05 African Air Forces
06 Chopper Pilot
07 Passion for Flight
08 2 Squadron in Korea
09 Rhodesian Air Force
10 Serve to Save
11 Springbok Fighter Victory 1
12 The men who went to Warsaw
13 85 Years of the SAAF
14 Sweeping circles in the sky
15 Douglas C-47 Dakota in SAAF
16 Helicopters of the SAAF
17 17 Squadron
18 Zero Error Margin
20 Springbok Fighter Victory 2
22 Silver Falcons - 40 Years
23 Cheetah
24 Springbok Fighter Victory 3
25 Springbok Fighter Victory 4
26 Springbok Fighter Victory 5

African Aviation Series No. 7
PASSION FOR FLIGHT – Braving the hazards of aviation in war and peace
Peter Bagshawe
ISBN 0958388083


Peter Bagshawe chose 14 South African aviators who have distinguished themselves in various fields of aviation in both war and peace. He has interviewed them and then created a pen-picture of each, with photographs of each individual. It is A4, with 180 pages and no colour photographs, but plenty of B&W.


This, the seventh book in the publishers "African Aviation" series was recently launched and is an overview of the personal and operational flying history of the top fourteen pilots of the South African Air Force. Their life stories are briefly told in a easily read manner, covering the fascinating lives of these great aviators and pioneers.

The stories are a history of their flying experience, many of whom flew operationally in the Second World War. Top pilots included are Victor Smith, Sailor Malan, Pat Pattle and Denis Raubenheimer, to name but a few.

The book is well illustrated with photographs, as well as copies of historic documents, and makes for fascinating reading.

As most of the pilots were flying pre-1945, most of the pictures are understandably in black and white. As each pilots' story is a separate chapter, the book can be read at leisure allowing one to quickly read a chapter. The problem is you will not stop at one chapter...

It is laudable that the author chose to focus on the life stories of these pilots, as they are often over-looked, with many books focusing instead on individual aircraft types or air campaigns that featured prominently in history.

I can wholly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in historic aviation who wish to learn more about our country’s great pilots and aviation pioneers, who flew before today’s hi-tech pilot aid environment. -MBL